Felsted Primary School - Graham and Anna

Thank you so much for a wonderful science session with Laurel Tree Class. The children were still buzzing in the afternoon, but I soon put a stop to that (joking!).

You have inspired us to do more practical work

Great Dunmow Primary School

Year 2 – dissecting fish. Another fantastic class again today Andy! Really enjoyed it thank you

Torridon Infants

Making a Bog Baby habitat and using the story as a starter for the topic re animals and their habitats was a brilliant idea!

I feel my approach to science teaching has really changed – I am trying harder to steer away from ‘facts’ and more towards encouraging ‘scientific thinking.’ With advice from Andy, I am just drawing up ‘seasonal change’ plans for ks1 to be used by y1 and y2 throughout the year starting in the summer term.

Margaret Roper

Follow up from Andy’s sessions was excellent!  We definitely want him (Andy) in again for another day for lessons in Reception, 2, 4 and 6 and to work 1:1 with staff on some planning.

Outside of the grant, we had a science outreach group (name withheld) in for visit. Although children loved it, only 1 class teacher thought it was worthwhile. The staff comment seems to be Andy’s session was far better and pitched higher, (well done Andy!) and instead of us asking parents to pay for the outreach team next year in our science week,  can we book Andy to come in and do a whole day or 2 days of lessons?

ASE Conference 2019 at Birmingham.
“Best CPD I’ve attended for science”
” Very creative session.  Useful ideas to blend science, maths and English”
“Loved the stories and how they lead into investigations”

Jess and I found it really useful, ideas were very adaptable and are easy activities to manage with children in EYFS, and we also found that all activities will be easy to create a low cost which is always a bonus!!

Year 1

We were left both excited from Andy’s session. The session was  motivating and inspiring, and we feel more excited about science since the session.

Year 2

We found the meeting with Andy very useful. It was great to spend time looking at some more exciting activities that we could use in year 2

Using Andy’s ideas we have planned a Mr Men and Little Miss activity for this week looking at inheritance and are going to ask children to bring in some photos of parents/siblings to support this work.

I enjoyed the time with Andy and loved his enthusiasm for the subject. I think that this enthusiasm has motivated me in terms of my science teaching to ensure that science is given a bigger profile rather than being stuck in as a 40 minute lesson somewhere. Andy gave us lots if helpful ideas, all were creative and easy-to-do activities designed to meet each target.

I love Dr Markwick! He was so cool.

Year 3

I found his practical ideas for engaging activities very helpful and reassuring as they often married up with what we had planned but perhaps in a slightly different way.

His suggestions about how to evidence science were also useful. One idea I particularly like was using one child as a ‘reporter’ taking photographs and having to be able to explain to someone what they had been doing and why.

I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to be covered, the session was very comprehensive and well planned. He gave us plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Year 4

I found the session very useful being an NQT who hasn’t really looked at Science for a few years since my GCSEs! So it boosted by subject knowledge and gave me more teaching ideas and was reassuring. The resources and ideas for electricity and circuits were particularly useful, giving us a chance to see how activities would work in a lesson, such as building simple circuits and making a electricity out of fruit and veg.

Year 5

We found it very useful as he settled our minds about what was important to teach when time is so scarce.  He gave us lots of ideas and it was all very positive.

I found the meeting with Dr Markwick very useful as he suggested lots of new ideas for experiments which I had never considered. He was able to clarify a couple of the statements from the National Curriculum that I didn’t really understand. It was also nice to discuss and ask questions on how to carry out experiments and how to adapt them depending on the class. It was motivating to see his passion and hearing some of his stories about past experiences.

Stockwell Primary

Just to say thank you for today. We all found your ideas creative and inspiring.

All saints by Fiona

Thank you for an excellent INSET Andy.