EEC considers every science lesson to be a language lesson.

Understanding science requires learners to be competent in core literacy and also in the specialist language of science. Often children can understand science concepts, yet their fluency in science is held back by poor literacy skills. Enabling children to express their understanding of science requires us to also focus upon their literacy. However, science can also support English. Children can explore a range of ways of writing about science and begin to understand the importance of the purpose of writing in science. Science writing is not only about formal write-ups of investigations, it must be able to effectively communicate with a wide range of audiences for many different reasons.

EEC can help teachers improve the scientific fluency of their students by using a range of effective activities that develop children’s awareness of language. Both core and scientific language is developed within a scientific context.

Professional development sessions can be specific to a key stage or designed to provide an overview of the principles and ideas required in designing science activities that ensure reinforcement of both core and subject-specific language.