Science leaders in primary, secondary and tertiary phases. Leadership and Management, Data analysis as part of a holistic approach, Holistic learning for all, Pedagogy and Curriculum are all phases designed with STEM in mind…

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Technology and Engineering

The importance of technology and engineering in our lives is extremely important. Children become competent users of technology at an early age, yet their understanding of how it works tends to be limited

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English and Science

EEC considers every science lesson to be a language lesson. Understanding science requires learners to be competent in core literacy and also in the specialist language of science…

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Maths and Science

Science and mathematics and are natural partners; both explore the key questions about our universe and use the same enquiry processes and skills.

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EEC provides high quality, bespoke and up-to-date, evidence-based CPD for colleagues across all educational phases and at all stages of their profession. CPD is divided into several areas, including:

* STEM training (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Science is always linked to technology and engineering where appropriate and uses mathematics to enhance scientific understanding.  Developing scientific literacy is a key aim.

* Leadership development. All levels of leadership are supported using the most up-to-date research

* Other areas supported by EEC are the review, development and evaluation of curriculum and assessment, behaviour, inclusion and attendance strategies.

All professional development is tailor-made to the individual and/or group and clearly defined by need. Intervention/support is preceded by a comprehensive review of the current situation and coherent action planning. Time lines are agreed and success criteria monitored regularly.

Dr Andy Markwick

Andy Markwick is a Chartered Chemist and holds a Fellowship of the Royal Society of Chemistry the Geological Society and College of Teachers. He holds first class degrees in physics and chemistry. He also has an Advanced Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology.

He has over 18 years experience working with primary teachers through INSETs, CPD, team teaching, and the development of schools’ primary science curriculum and assessment strategies.

Andy’s passion for teaching has always been driven by the urge to provide children with the best opportunities to enjoy and progress in science through collaboration with their teachers.

His aggregate 34 years of experience in the teaching of primary and secondary science and science leadership has given him significant insight into the progression of science learning from early years to post-16 level. In this time Andy has led three successful science faculties and a mathematics faculty. He holds an Advanced Skills Teaching qualification.  Andy’s leadership experience spans over 20 years, in which time he was a Deputy Headteacher for 10 of these years, leading on Curriculum and Assessment, Inclusion, BfL, T&L and Pastoral areas.

Andy is now an independent STEM consultant, including with the National Science Learning Centre and ATLAS Group. He has published extensively in scientific and educational journals. Andy is currently working on a series of books on teaching practical science for an educational publisher. He is an active member of, and author for, the Association for Science Education (ASE), and he has contributed as an advisor to the Science Museum’s life science exhibitions.

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